Posted on: September 9, 2009 5:21 pm

Cleveland Indians gave up on 2010

So to be clear the Indians were done for in 2009 so some sort of a fire sale made sense.

Mark DeRosa was an obvious move since the Indians didn't need to keep paying him his $5.5M when they were clearly out of the race.  Plus Andy Marte was looking pretty good in AAA and it was about time to give him another shot.

Victor Martinez doesn't make sense to me.  Not because they don't have backup options for the catcher role but because they got nothing in return.  Yes they have Carlos Santana and they had just acquired Lou Marson from Philly.  Santana doesn't project to remain at catcher and Marson, well he has a long way to go before his bat and glove a fully major league ready.  De-facto Shoppach takes the helm which after his breakout year in 2008 I felt he deserved a better shake anyways.

This still doesn't negate the fact they got nothing in return.  Justin Masterson is nothing more than a 5th man in the rotation or most likely a middle relief expert.  Nick Hagadone is interesting but he's still pitching low A ball and a should be a while before he sees big league pitching.

Cliff Lee was a case of selling low in a market where you should have been able to sell high.  The Indians rushed to sell to Philly before the Phillies bought Halladay from the Jays.  The loot in return for a Cy Young pitcher was a so-so pitcher in Jason Knapp, Carlos Carrasco who's stock has plummeted with a poor season this year, and Lou Marson an average catcher.

Cleveland had the offensive ability to be competitive in 2010 but they lacked the pitching.  Neither of these deals solve this problem for 2010 and actually make their rotation even worse. 

If I were an Indian fan I would hold off on buying season tickets unless they sign some superstar pitchers in the off-season. 

3-9 6.08 ERA Fausto Carmona, 4-7 4.40 ERA Justin Masterson, 9-7 6.23 ERA David Huff, 7-5 3.79 ERA Aaron Laffey, and 0-1 12.38 ERA Carlos Carrasco are not the optimal starting rotation.

At least Indian fans can be happy the team finally has some room for Laporta!
Posted on: July 26, 2009 2:34 pm
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Cardinals trade for Holliday, Wallace steep price

Brett Wallace was a large price to pay for a guy who isn't performing so well this year and is a free agent at year end.

Matt Holliday was definitely a fantasy stud in Colorado but then again almost anyone is outside of pitchers.  Does giving up top prospect Brett Wallace who is already paying AAA ball really worth it?  This move also pushes Colby Rasmus to the pinch hitter status just as he was really hitting the ball well.

The move does show they want to win this year and I can't blame the team for getting more protection for Pujols.  However I don't think a bat is what they needed.  Without Brett Wallace the Cardinals officially have no chance on acquiring Roy Halladay.

They've now shown they want to win so keep an eye on this team making some other sort of move for a starting pitcher.  It would probably be more of the Doug Davis or Jarrod Washburn type however since they don't have anything else to offer unless they're willing to move Colby Rasmus.

In the end this trade helps St. Louis now with the worst case scenario being they get two type A compensation draft picks if they can't resign Matt Holliday.

Posted on: July 9, 2009 12:44 am
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Cardinals in the Halladay Race

According to

According to Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch , the Cardinals' interest in Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay is very real.

Here's what Strauss tweeted just a moment agoAsked about the price tag for Halladay, a club source said: "Give Ricciardi all our minor-league rosters and let him circle any 5 names."

A deal with the Cardinals would start with Brett Wallace , and might also include shortstop Pete Kozma , catcher Bryan Anderson , outfielder Daryl Jones and/or right-hander Clay Mortensen .  We're just throwing the Birds' top prospects out on the table, but that's what it's going to take.  According to Erik Manning of , via the Post-Dispatch's Bernie Miklasz , the Jays "showed a lot of pre-draft interest" in both Wallace and Kozma.
Posted on: July 8, 2009 9:58 pm

Roy Halladay trade bait

If Roy Halladay gets traded we could see some exciting moves on a prospect perspective.

I see the move going 3 ways right now:

- Jason Donald has been a SS target last year for Toronto and this may be the chance to get him since they want a SS back minimum.
- JA Happ is the rumoured pitcher in return.  He's starting to really look good in the big leagues and I suspect they hang on to him.
- Kyle Drabek will more than likely be the piece they give up instead of Happ.
- Michael Taylor - This guy has been turning heads lately and I see the Jays making a play at this
- John Mayberry Jr father played for the Jays and it wouldn't surprise me if they grab him out of nostaliga

Most likely trade in my opinion: Donald, Drabek, Taylor for Halladay

Chicago White Sox:
- Gordon Beckham or nothing.  Can't see this deal happening without Beckham and find it hard to believe the Sox move Beckham.
- Aaron Poreda - already on the shopping block for Jake Peavy he will continue to be a key piece to this deal
- Clayton Richard - same as Poreda
- Jordan Danks - the better of the Danks and the other Danks is pretty damn good.

Unlikely but trade I would like to see most: Beckham and Poreda for Halladay

Milwaukee Brewers
- Alcides Escobar - said to be untouchable but Jays won't do it without a top SS
- Matt Gamel - huge bat the Jays would covet
- Brett Lawrie - Canadian boy who could move Aaron Hill back to SS and take over at 2b
- Manny Parra - toss in young arm

More likely than Sox but Brewers say Escobar and Gamel are untouchable: Escobar, Gamel for Halladay

In the end Halladay is one of if not the best pitcher in baseball who can help a team win two world series in a row plus provide 2 top draft picks if he walks at the end.  Jays don't move him for less than above but they also need to focus on rebuilding and Halladay could provide an immediate impact.

Outside chance Red Sox come into play with Lars Anderson and some young arms but I doubt the Jays deal within the division.
Posted on: May 13, 2009 1:42 am
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Manny Ramirez on Roids

Don`t have a lot to say about this except it makes you wonder what players are not on steroids.


So many players are breaking down with injuries in their early thirties or even late 20`s after years of packing on weight and smacking the ball around.

Albert Pujols was drafted in the 13th round and was virtually a nobody signing at $70,000, and now he`s the most feared hitter in baseball.  Yes of course this kind of thing can happen, but just look at his injuries and how quickly he climbed from nobody to MVP.

Ken Griffey was a twig for a few years and then all of a sudden pounds came flying in along with HR`s.  Man he sure is a nice guy but do you really think this guy didn`t do the roids along with Alex Rodriguez, Edgar Martinez, and Jay Buhner back in the hey day in Seattle?
We`ve all been kidding ourselves a long time and Manny just brought reality back into the picture.

Here is to hoping guys like Tim Lincecum, Colby Rasmus, and all the other smaller built guys are successful and stay away from the juice...

Shame on you Jordan Schafer.
Posted on: April 19, 2009 1:12 am

MLB.TV pretty awesome this year

So this is my second year buying MLB.TV

Last year I was fairly iffy on the product but still enjoyed seeing my fantasy players bat or pitch when they were up.

I'm not one to give props to products but honestly if you enjoy watching baseball there is no better way.

They improved the product immensely enabling HD quality, picture in picture, box scores, player alerts, highlights and just about everything else you want.  Pretty neat when they warn you that your player is up or on deck.  No better way to watch every game especially if your TV allows you to plug your laptop into it to watch it on the big screen.

If you're addicted to baseball like me you should try it out.

My only beef that actually does bother me is I can't watch the Blue Jays games because they're my local TV area.  Sucks when you want to catch the noon game while at work or on the road and don't have access to regular TV.


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Tigers dump Gary Sheffield 1 HR before 500

Sitting at work today my co-worker and fellow Keeper league manager declared the Tigers had released Gary Sheffield.

Interesting I thought at first and cheered slightly due to my lack of appreciation for this intimidating specimen at the plate.

After rationalizing this move over an evening of playing catch at the park I've come to the conclusion this is a dumb move for a few reasons.

1. They're paying him $14million to not show up so why not pay him $14 million to scare opposing pitchers with his unorthodox batting stance.

2. They have no genuine threats to replace him.  Marcus Thames? Sure he can hit a lot of homeruns but so can Sheffield with a significantly higher batting average upside.  Jeff Larish?  Sure a ton of pop too but with a low batting average and a significant smell of AAAA player slash Dallas McPherson.

3. They could have waited a couple games and sold more tickets for the 500 HR show.  Nothing wrong with releasing him after a few games after he hits his milestone.  Instead all Detroit fans have a more exciting show watching another 0-7 start and a competition for last place.

I look at it this way.  How many of you would tell a co-worker to leave now with full pay for a full year who was one of your most productive and reliable employees?  Or would you prefer to reap the rewards from there hard work for the year and not re-sign them at the end of the season?

Either way Sheffield is gone and I hope he hits number 500 in Detroit against Detroit.  The fans can wonder how there club spent $14 million on a guy playing for another team while there all being laid off from the big 3 motor companies...  Maybe the Detroit management should send Xmas bonuses to there fans instead of wasting it.

Posted on: January 24, 2009 7:48 pm

MLB needs to fix it's playoff format

I've been patiently waiting for the Toronto Blue Jays to make another run at the playoffs since 1994 when the Expos were robbed of their chance.

Year in and year out the Jays have been forced to compete in a division against the high spending New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.  Yet every year the Jays go into the season with high hopes and quickly finish somewhere around .500 baseball.

This offseason has been no different:  The Yankees have signed high profile players such as CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett (former Jay), and Mark Teixeira.  The Jays have made no moves since they're bleeding money, so in exchange they are hyping up 2009 as a year where "this time" we will be healthy.  Heard that argument for 3 years now and I doubt it will come to fruition.

What I have noticed however is that every year a lot of good teams are missing the playoffs and the playoff system in MLB is vastly irregular compared to other sports.


Hockey for example has 30 teams and 16 of them make the playoffs every year.  Rarely does the number 1 team actually win the championship.

Football has 32 teams and 12 of them make the playoffs every year.  Football is harder to use as a comparison since they only play 16 games so every game really does matter.

Basketball has 30 teams and 16 of them make the playoffs every year.  Sadly teams with below .500 make the playoffs in this league but that is more to do with East conference versus Western conference disparity.

And of course MLB has 30 teams and 8 of them make the playoffs.  Looking more closely there are almost as many teams not in the playoffs as there are in the playoffs with better records than at least one team in the playoffs.  Say that 3 times fast...

Let's take an analysis since 1995 since the playoffs format moved from 4 teams in the playoffs to 8 teams.


Wildcard NL Colorado Rockies 77-67, NL West LA Dodgers 78-66

Teams screwed over by playoff system: California Angels 78-67


NL Central St. Louis Cardinals 88-74, AL Wildcard Baltimore Orioles 88-74

Teams screwed over by playoff system: Montreal Expos 88-74


Cleveland Indians AL Central 86-75, Houston Astros 84-76

Teams screwed over by playoff system: New York Mets 88-74, LA Dodgers 88-74, Anaheim Angels 84-78


AL West Texas Rangers 88-74

Teams screwed over by playoff system: Toronto Blue Jays 88-74, NY Mets 88-74, San Francisco 89-74


AL Wildcard Boston Red Sox 94-68, AL West Texas Rangers 95-67

Teams screwed over by playoff system: Cincinnati Reds 96-67


AL East New York Yankees 87-74

Teams screwed over by playoff system: Cleveland 90-72


NL East Atlanta Braves 88-74

Teams screwed over by playoff system: San Francisco Giants 90-72, Chicago Cubs 88-74


Teams screwed over by playoff system: Boston Red Sox 93-69, Seattle 93-69, LAD 92-70


AL Central Minnesota Twins 90-72, NL Central Chicago Cubs 88-74

Teams screwed over by playoff system: Seattle Mariners 93-69


Teams screwed over by playoff system: Oakland Athletics 91-71, San Francisco Giants 91-71


NL East Atlanta Braves 90-72, San Diego Padres 82-80

Teams screwed over by playoff system: Cleveland Indians 93-69, Philadelphia Phillies 88-74, Oakland Athletics 88-74, Minnesota Twins 83-79


NL Central St. Louis Cardinals 83-78, NL West LAD 88-74, NL Wildcrad San Diego Padres 88-74

Teams screwed over by playoff system: Toronto Blue Jays 87-75, Boston Red Sox 86-76, Chicago White Sox 90-72, LA Angels 89-73, Philadelphia Phillies 85-77


NL Cental Chicago Cubs 85-77

Teams screwed over by playoff system:New York Mets 88-74, San Diego Padres 89-74, Seattle Mariners 88-74, Detroit Tigers 88-74


AL Central Chicago White Sox 89-74, NL West LAD 84-78

Teams screwed over by playoff system: New York Yankees 89-73, Toronto Blue Jays 86-76, Minnesota Twins 88-75, New York Mets 89-73, Florida Marlins 84-77, Houston Astros 86-75, St. Louis Cardinals 86-76,


Baseball support has been eroding slowly over the years and I suggest now is the time for change.

MLB should go to a conference format allow 6 or 8 teams from the NL and AL respectively into the playoffs.  Not only will this allow more teams the opportunity to compete for the championship but most importantly it will allow smaller market teams fans to experience MLB playoffs.  The playoffs are an exciting experience for any fan and what better way to increase baseball support than to have more cities experience it every year.

In 1992 and 1993 you couldn't buy a seat at the Sky Dome; home of the Blue Jays.  Now they can't sell half of the tickets unless the Yankees or Red Sox's are in town.  Give the small market teams a chance to taste the playoffs and you will give the teams a chance to sell more tickets, and build a stronger fan base. After all no one likes a loser but everyone likes a winner.  In 2008 7 teams alone were a more wiinign team than a team that made the playoffs.

The Jays and many other small market teams (large as well) do have winning years and it is time to recognize them.

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