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Posted on: July 8, 2009 9:58 pm

Roy Halladay trade bait

If Roy Halladay gets traded we could see some exciting moves on a prospect perspective.

I see the move going 3 ways right now:

- Jason Donald has been a SS target last year for Toronto and this may be the chance to get him since they want a SS back minimum.
- JA Happ is the rumoured pitcher in return.  He's starting to really look good in the big leagues and I suspect they hang on to him.
- Kyle Drabek will more than likely be the piece they give up instead of Happ.
- Michael Taylor - This guy has been turning heads lately and I see the Jays making a play at this
- John Mayberry Jr father played for the Jays and it wouldn't surprise me if they grab him out of nostaliga

Most likely trade in my opinion: Donald, Drabek, Taylor for Halladay

Chicago White Sox:
- Gordon Beckham or nothing.  Can't see this deal happening without Beckham and find it hard to believe the Sox move Beckham.
- Aaron Poreda - already on the shopping block for Jake Peavy he will continue to be a key piece to this deal
- Clayton Richard - same as Poreda
- Jordan Danks - the better of the Danks and the other Danks is pretty damn good.

Unlikely but trade I would like to see most: Beckham and Poreda for Halladay

Milwaukee Brewers
- Alcides Escobar - said to be untouchable but Jays won't do it without a top SS
- Matt Gamel - huge bat the Jays would covet
- Brett Lawrie - Canadian boy who could move Aaron Hill back to SS and take over at 2b
- Manny Parra - toss in young arm

More likely than Sox but Brewers say Escobar and Gamel are untouchable: Escobar, Gamel for Halladay

In the end Halladay is one of if not the best pitcher in baseball who can help a team win two world series in a row plus provide 2 top draft picks if he walks at the end.  Jays don't move him for less than above but they also need to focus on rebuilding and Halladay could provide an immediate impact.

Outside chance Red Sox come into play with Lars Anderson and some young arms but I doubt the Jays deal within the division.
Posted on: December 29, 2008 10:40 am

10 reasons Boston Red Sox don't need Teixeira

Still in the festive mood I decided to discuss the 10 reasons the Red Sox don't need Mark Teixeira.

10. Pesky's Pole - a mere 302 feet the shortest the shortest porch in Major League Baseball.  Tex would have been able to over inflate his stats hitting over this wall costing the team significant performance costs.

9. Luxury Tax - that $20-23 million salary would have made the Red Sox pay a little coin into the luxury pot.  It's better watching the Yankees continue to pay over 90% of this pot than become major contributors as well...

8. The Green Monster - well its a huge wall (37 foot and 2 inches tall) in left field only 310 feet.  Just an FYI any park built after 1958 are required to be at least 325 feet at each foul pole.

7. Fenway Park is a hitters ball park - It is estimated Fenway add's at least 5 to 7 points on a batters average.  The Sox don't need to pay Teixera for free hits...

6. Teixeira is a switch hitter - Need I say more?  He can pop it over either the small left field porch or the small right field porch on any given at bat...  no need to pay him the huge additional costs for the inflated performance costs.

5. Mike Lowell - Still on contract a couple more years and producing quite nicely.  Adding Teixeira leaves him without a home and not many teams going to take his $12.5 million contract combined with his age (34) and injury risk.

4. $20-23 million reasons - Seriously we are in a recession which people are predicting to only get worse so why would one man swinging a bat make so much money?  More jobs less guys swinging a stick making more than hundreds of average North Americans combined.

3.  He is greedy - Red Sox are a team made up of average players who play hard baseball and good defence.  They don't need a guy who only wants to play for the highest bidder.  (Please note I actually hate the Red Sox as a Blue Jays fan)

2. Kevin Youkilis - He's already at 1B and he's only making 3 million.  That is $103, 448 a home run versus Teixeira's $666,666 a home run.

1. Lars Anderson - Yes his first name reminds most of us of a Worlds Strongest Man competition but actually he is a 21 year old top prospect who just happens to play first base in the minors for Boston.  So you ask?  He is projected to hit for huge power combined with average.  Did I mention he is a prospect meaning they pay him practically nothing for a long time before he is free agency eligible and he should already be able to produce at Tex's level.  Red Sox fans should be thankful there team has all that money to spend on something more useful like adding more seats to Fenway Park...
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